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Cater your family reunion, office party, or luncheon…
We Make it Easy to do it Your Way!


Corner Bites….. Feeds (15)$39.95 (30)$69.95
+ Thinly sliced beef, perfectly seasoned, layered with cheddar cheese, cut into bite size pieces and wrapped in bacon.

Smoked Sausage….. Feeds (15)$29.95 (30)$59.95
+ The Corners own handmade bratwurst, smoked to perfection, sliced, seasoned and served over a bed of roasted peppers and onions.

Meatballs….. Feeds (15)$19.95 (30)$29.95
+ Bite sized, all beef meatballs served in The Corners own special chipotle sauce.


The Corners “House Salad”….. Feeds (15)$19.95 (30)$39.95
+ A perfect blend of Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Cheese and Croutons

The Corner Chef Salad….. Feeds (15)$29.95 (30)$49.95
+ Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Cheese & Croutons combined with freshly cut Ham, Turkey and Salami


Pasta Alfredo….. Feeds (15)$29.95 (30)$59.95
+ Rigatoni noodles in a creamy Alfredo sauce & sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese

Mostaccioli….. Feeds (15)$29.95 (30)$59.95
+ Mostaccioli noodles in red sauce, covered in mozzarella & sprinkled with seasoning

Manicotti….. Feeds (8)$35.95 (15)$69.95
+ Tubular shaped noodle stuffed with Ricotta cheese & covered in red sauce

Cannelloni….. Feeds (8)$35.95 (15)$69.95
+ Tubular shaped noodles filled with beef and covered in red sauce


Handmade Bratwurst…… Feeds (15)$59.95 (30)$89.95
+ Our fresh hand twisted bratwurst smoked to perfection and served over a bed of sauerkraut or roasted peppers & onions *cheese from Cheddar, Cheddar Jalapeno, Beer, Apple, Reuben

Italian Salsiccia…… Feeds (15)$59.95 (30)$89.95
+ Our fresh made hand twisted Salsiccia smoked to perfection and served on a bed of spaghetti noodles in red sauce


The Corners BBQ Pulled Chicken….. Feeds (15)$69.95 (30)$129.95
*Hickory smoked chicken breast, hand pulled and mixed with The Corners own KC sweet BBQ sauce

Chicken fillets…… Feeds (15)$69.95 (30)$129.95
+6 oz boneless fillet, wrapped in bacon, seasoned with our spices and smoked to perfection, served over a bed of green beans.

Boneless Chicken Breast….. Feeds (15)$59.95 (30)$129.95


Corners BBQ Pulled Pork….. Feeds (15)$69.95 (30)$129.95
*Hickory smoked pork shoulder butt, hand pulled and mixed with The Corners Sweet KC BBQ Sauce

St Louis Style Spareribs……. Feeds (8)$59.95 (16)$89.95
*Trimmed Pork spareribs, seasoned with our dry rub, hickory smoked, cut into 3 bone pieces and covered in BBQ sauce

Roasted Pork Sirloin…….. Feeds (15)$69.95 (30)$129.95
*Slow roasted Pork Sirloin, thinly sliced, served in pork gravy *Roasted Pork Tenderloin available on request


Roast Beef…… Feeds (15)$79.95 (30)$139.95
+USDA Choice Top Round, seasoned with The Corners rub, thinly sliced and served in brown gravy or Au Jus *Beef Tenderloin available by request

Brisket……. Feeds (15)$79.95 (30)$139.95
+USDA Choice Beef brisket, seasoned and smoked, thinly sliced and served with BBQ sauce or Au Jus

Shredded Italian Beef……. Feeds(15)$79.95 (30)$139.95
+USDA Choice top round beef, seasoned and slow roasted in Italian herbs and spices. One of our most popular items.


We love to do On Site Events!…… $6.95 per person and up
+ Our standard Hot Dog, Hamburger & Brat event is only the beginning! We do company picnics, family reunions, office lunches, golf tourneys, community pool parties and much more! Please call 636-529-8400 for details


Potato Salad…… Feeds (15)$29.95 (30)$59.95
Creamy KC Cole Slaw
The Corners Own BBQ Baked Beans
Green Beans
Potatoes Au Gratin
Garlic Bread


Dollar Roll Platter

Fresh Dollar Rolls WIth
Ham,Turkey,Roast Beef,
Chicken Salad $19.99Dz
Feeds 4-5 People

Premium Meat and Cheese TRAYS
Ham, Turkey,Roast Beef-American, Swiss, Hot Pepperjack

Small 8-12 people $32.99
Medium 12-20 Ppl $42.95
Large 20-30 People $52.95

Fresh Garden Vegetables & Dip

A selection of 6 dipping Veggies
Tomatoes,Green/Red Peppers

Dip- $32.99 Feeds 10-15 People

Party Sandwich

4 Meat & 2 Cheese Combo
Turkey, Ham, Hard Salami, Roast
Beef, American and Swiss $15.99

Per foot. Feeds 4-5 People

Corners Sausage & Cheese Tray

Regular, Hot, Dry Cure and/or Cheddar Jalapeno Summer Sausage.
Aged Cheddar Cheese, Pepperjack, White American Cheese

$39.99 Tray Feeds 12-20 People

Gourmet Cookie Trays
Sugar, Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin

$19.00 per Tray 15 Cookies